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It’s all divine play

When we move through life with the spirit of a child, from the known into the un~known, from the un~known to the un~knowable ✨ When we re~new our point of view of the world, even the smallest things in life become the greatest adventures ✨

Full of child~like innocence, full of indestructible openness with a vulnerable and trusting heart, everything in life makes sense. The negative experiences make sense, the positive experiences make sense, it all becomes part of one grand unfolding of Life for our benefit and well~being ✨

We can never loose our Heart! Our heart contains our souls original blue~print beyond life and death ✨

We absolutely don’t need to close our hearts. Even in the most challenging and hurtful situations like in a fight, a heart~break or going through the loss of a loved one, we can choose to protect ourselves by knowing that Love always lives within us like an infinite treasure. Always available ✨

We are Love ✨

Truth is not as universal as it often seems. It’s a radical and personal experience. It’s not written in stone and certainly not to be found in what other people think & do. The challenge of the un~known is to fully, truly and absolutely live our own truth. To be total, moment to moment ✨

We have the opportunity to cut through the illusion, patterns, density and mechanics of our limitations of human experiences, if we can recognize that nothing exists the way we believe it to be, that it’s all just a projection of our own mind, that we exist infinitely ✨

Rather then being affected by our constant emotions and self~grasping concepts of ‘a self’, we will start to experience ourselves for who we truly are ✨

We act according to the belief of ‘a separate self’ in every moment. This usually means we act from a place of ‘pushing’ and ‘pulling’ on ‘what is’, rather than accepting the things exactly as they are. Leaving it as it is. Being able to experience the beauty and perfection of life as a whole ✨

There is no solid, independently existing self! ✨

How free we truly are! ✨

It’s all divine play! ✨

What a thrill to be free~falling through an empty sky! ✨


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