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Intimate and Authentic Connections

I’m opening my Heart to Life since so many years, it’s been one of my main priorities becoming a mother 13 years ago. Actively engaging in the opening of my heart in my private life and relationships, and very dedicated to it in my work. And yet, still!! When I‘m called to go deeper again, I always find new Heart~walls to uncover and explore, older, more hidden layers of protection firmly built around my heart, made from hard metal, bricks and stones from the time I was a child, and even before, from other lifetimes ❤️

It seems to be an endless road and an endless lonely fight sometimes, until the Heart opens just that tiny little bit further, radiating in all it’s vulnerability with the sweet fragrance of compassion and care, showing us that it’s all worth it to face and feel the pain. We truly need to allow our pain to breath and cry the warm tears of liberation for our being to be healed ❤️

We don’t have to spend money on expensive workshops, follow famous teachers or learn complicated technics to open our heart. When we find a willingness inside of us to open up and to change our lives, this willingness will drive our reality in ways we cannot even begin to imagine where Life will guide us, clearly showing us the way, holding our hands and hearts every step forwards, whispering words of wisdom in every step backwards, never abandoning us, not even in the hardest moments of self~sabotage, doubt and fear ❤️

Our unprocessed experiences of rejection, abandonment, trauma and grief have created heart~walls around our hearts, sometimes so thick we can’t even feel anything anymore. These walls are blocking us from having intimate, authentic connections with ourselves and others, and to realize this is the first step towards our healing ❤️

When we take time for ourselves, we can create a safe space within, where we can gently guide ourselves in a healing ground of opening and softening our heart~walls. By feeling, connecting and breathing deeply into all the grief, abandonment and rejections we’ve experienced throughout our lives, by opening up to our pain, we will deeply heal and free our hearts completely, one humble breath at the time ❤️


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