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I Don’t Like Politics

I don’t like politics, but I’m called to share nevertheless, as this needs addressing. Our so called 'leaders' are meeting in Egypt at this time in Sharm El Sheikh, to talk about ‘climate change’ in a climate conference called COP27, but in reality they’re harnessing the energies of this powerful City of Peace 💎

What I see, arriving at the airport last weekend, is a huge amount of private jets flying in the rich and famous. What I see is that Sharm’s been completely rebuilt the past months with fancy marble roads everywhere, but not one penny invested in cleaning the Red Sea (for example). It’s not ‘white~washing’ of our money anymore, it’s ‘green~washing’ 💎

What I see is an elite world government pushing through a world order in the name of 'climate', 'emergency', and 'crisis', to gain support from the masses for their new laws masked ‘for the greater good of the environment’. Code Name ‘The Great Reset’: “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” 💎

Our climate has always been changing on this planet, with or without humans. The ‘crisis’ is overconsumption and disconnection from Mother Earth 🌏 CO2 essentially is a gas of life, trees need it and exchange it for oxygen for us to breathe. This has nothing to do with ‘cows’ and yet deforestation is justified and promoted as a way of creating bio~energy? Insane inversion! 💎

Sharm El-Sheikh is at the foot of the Sinai mountains and St Catherine’s Monastery, as well as many other sacred temple sites, portals and key leylines under the beautiful reefs of the Red Sea, including the dark prime portals underground in the Middle East 💎

Those called, feel free to imagine planting beautiful crystals here, or lighting up ancient ones 💎 Many of us light~workers can see through and beyond now and are doing the work of anchoring in the Light at this time of the prophecy. So focus on this 💎

❤️ Always going within ❤️

💎 Seeding the Light, within 💎

You Being Aware and your work, however you do it, has great power! The message is to focus on the inner: our inner alignment 🌈

Bring in the light, empower and Rise 🌈

💎 Just keep on strengthening, cultivating and stabilizing your Inner Light 💎


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