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Humanity's Journey into Oneness

We are the Humans from the many races. A gathering of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, religions and cultures, coming together as One unified Heart field. Ancient wisdom~keepers call us the Rainbow Tribe, others have mentioned us in the teachings of the prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow ✨

There’s a split happening In our human collective, between those who wish to live an awakened life, and those who wish to continue their life in duality. Those who choose the old paradigm, choose to live in fear of loss, lack, sickness, old age and death, and will continue to take part in duality by playing the roles of protestors, warriors, saviours, victims and aggressors ✨

If you feel any emotional, physical or mental triggers coming up reading me, I invite you to process those programs and firewalls. These triggers are not who you truly are, they're just who you think you are, which is painful ✨

On the other side of the spectrum of the split, there’s those that constantly choose and co~create a new paradigm of Unity and high frequency experiences, no matter what the outer or inner world looks like. Choosing self~mastery, love, self~empowerment, unity, oneness and peace, as we all walk through these transformations together ✨

Whatever paradigm you’re living in, moment by moment, we're all living within these accelerated cycles of transformation. Our present moment is a continuum of dying and re~birth, each person experiencing it in their own unique and personal way, in their own time and capacity ✨

Whatever is happening, remember that we're all in this time~line division together. For some of us, it feels like complete detachment, in order to make high frequency choices in this Now. For others, those who do not have the emotional tools or experience to know how to deal with these challenging circumstances and dualistic good~bad scenarios, let’s be patient. Please, do not argue, judge, manipulate, save or convince anyone. Let everyOne have their own journey. Just be Present, know ignorance as an innocent mis~understanding, and send pure, loving warmth to all ✨

I find that in my own spiritual practices, for years I’ve practiced with a goal to reach enlightenment, till I discovered I had a hidden agenda to get out of the human experience. Then, I practiced for many years to benefit all sentient beings, especially for those experiencing suffering. Now however, I find myself often practicing on a moment to moment basis, for no other reason than just to Be Source, in alignment with my own natural rhythm, and in an ease and comfort of Being Golden~Diamond Light ✨

As I open up my life, my soul, spirit, body, breath, channels and chakra’s, as I'm opening up to be an empty space filled with infinite potential, I become pure medicine for those who are suffering. Not to serve them. Not to save them. Not to be compassionate. Just because we naturally are that Source of Light, Love and Joy ✨

Only when we continuously choose to live the high frequency experiences of the new paradigm, moment by moment, our life brings purpose and meaning to the whole ✨

In our present collective journey of Awakening and remembrance, we are divinely guided by a multitude of Light Beings, now even more than ever. These Light Beings come from many different streams of consciousness, and are not competing with one another. In fact, they’re delighted to all work together, emerging through our call as One Being of divine pure Light ✨

Many religions, traditions and mystery schools are no longer physical places, but are now received as specific time~lines and choice~points in time and space, known as our Present Moment. Gautama Buddha for example, wishing everyone to be happy and free from suffering, never wanted to start a religion, neither did Jesus (Yeshua). They simply and clearly woke up from the dream we call reality, and in their last lifetime on Earth, they were asked to help others as Wisdom Teachers ✨

If we pray to a God or a Goddess, or any energy, person or deity, who we imagine to be outside of ourselves, we’re making duality real, perpetuating the idea of separation, re~creating samsara without even realising it. That’s why enlightenment is a process ✨

Before we reach that illusive state of enlightenment, praying does help, especially when we pray from our hearts instead of our brain. When we pray from within our Hearts, we feel, sense and know, that it's already done. Summoning Source, instead of waiting for some type of outside force to make things happen ✨

What is true commitment, other than being committed to ourselves? Being, co~creating and experiencing our own natural state of high vibration in every moment? ✨

As we shed the layers of limiting beliefs and conditions built up within our human collective over eons of time, we're dying to the old and we’re rebirthing the new, within a rhythm of integration and recalibration. We're becoming the holders of a very different vibration and resonance, never experienced before in our journey to Oneness of humanity ✨

It’s now available to all of us and not only for a few! ✨


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