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Hathor Priestess Temple in Sinai

I’m going on an epic journey tomorrow with my soul sister @airyogaegypt and new friends here in Egypt, and I didn’t wanted to mention it, but the Goddess wishes to speak nevertheless. Truth for me is a bit of a challenging term these days, cause even my deepest truths are but a fraction of the real, universal truth ✨

When Moses came down mount Sinai, after seeing the burning bush and having received the 10 commandments, he spoke to his people about a new religion. He also condemned those worshiping the golden calve, as it is written in the Bible, but the thing is, he didn’t just ‘condemn’ them, he killed the Hathor Priestesses and with that action, patriarchy was born ✨

I’m not here to judge or change the past. What’s done is done. I Am here however, to bring back balance into our wounded human collective through my purposes and actions, and this journey is one of many. What I feel for what’s about to be revealed, is that this time it’s not only about healing the memories and imbalances, it’s mostly about creating a new timeline, a new and peaceful world where we can be Free to be ourselves 🌎

I’m not feeling any emotional charge against anything, I’m currently in a beautiful place of divine neutrality, moving from a place of appreciation of the sacredness of All Life. A pilgrimage. A place of fully honouring and surrendering to the divine play of life’s mystery, unraveling through thousands of years of learning and growing into maturity for humanity ✨

May I hold the torch of Ruby Diamond Light for each and every soul on our planet and beyond, honouring the hardships and joys of all of our long journeys. Respecting freedom of choice, knowing there’s always a new perspective to live from. There’s always Love available to us in the Rainbow Light of the precious air we breath ✨

Feel free to join my journey in Spirit and Soul in the next three days! I Am Here and I’ll be connecting to the Diamond Light Matrix and Crystalline Star-Gates in this sacred place of Sinai for everyOne. Let me know if you’d like me to send you and your loved ones some of this Diamond Light 💎 It will be sent from within the Open Temple of our Human Hearts ❤️


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