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I wish everyOne to be free from suffering ✨

I wish everyOne to be happy ✨

Sometimes these deeply felt wishes turn into a suffering for myself, when I feel powerless, hopeless, or not able to help to change the fate the majority of humanity is choosing today ✨

But when I travel back into myself, when I connect to our universal, inner Source, I remember again ✨ What I can offer to our beautiful world is my happiness ✨ Spreading my Isis wings and fly high and low in our Open, inner sky of eternal Awareness ✨

In the Sacred Temples of this present moment, I commit to activate my golden~diamond radiance for the benefit of all ✨

I was just thinking I must be doing something right in my practice 😅 I’m loving Life more and more every day! ✨

Total gratitude for the grand masters of our time ✨ past, present and future ✨ for the keepers of wisdom and the keepers of our Sacred Earth ✨ for each and every soul, being and entity ✨ being alive ✨

I celebrate you Being in this world ✨ I honour your path, your ways, your pain and your joy ✨

May we always continue to go beyond happiness and suffering ✨ May we always be helpful through the radiant love of our being ✨

By liberating my own being, may I benefit others ✨


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