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Green Tara Buddha

The root cause of all of our suffering arises from living our life as « a divided Self » with a limited point of view and a core belief that divinity is imperfect and has somehow failed us. The illusion that life is unsafe. Being unaware of the divinity of life and the truth of our perfect human divinity ✨

Suffering is a shocking experience for the innocence of our Human Heart, and it may feel difficult to accept, but the solution to our suffering, and the release of our attachment and addiction to suffering, is far simpler than our wounds would have us believe ✨

Our experiences of suffering are real and sacred, and in no way minimized, as we may all choose to experience suffering for our individual and collective evolution, but it’s not necessary. We can be healthy, safe, free, happy, blissful and prosperous ✨

Last night at the full moon, Green Tara again granted me with new initiations, deeply awakening me to my sovereignty. Becoming vulnerable and surrendering to the light, she guides me to overcome my unconscious attachments to suffering and self~hatred, while going deeper into complete merging with my Higher Self ✨

The Green Tara embodiment is the highest office of the primordial mother’s Secret Dakini lineage. She teaches through downloads of divine, direct knowing. She’s a complete blueprint of all Dakini Light Rays, arising from the one Enlightened Feminine consciousness, and acting as a unified field broadcasting complete revelations to access spontaneous self~realization beyond understanding ✨

This image is from Maastricht (NL) in February 2020, where I was asked to channel Green Tara for one day & one night. If you look closely at the images, taken with 2 different iPhones, you’ll see Tara’s brown eyes. Normally my eyes are blue~grey, sometimes green ✨

The reason why I’m sharing this now, is to demonstrate a Divine Feminine teacher like Tara, inviting us all to generously and gracefully embody deep spiritual commitment to joyfully serve others as ourself, like Gaia Mother Earth does ✨

I’m ready and grateful to be working with Green Tara Buddha as my mentor, birthing heavenly realities on Earth for the benefit of all ✨



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