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Summoning Gaia

While observing the world from above today, I felt this beautiful feeling of compassionate peace come over me. It was very profound. I even felt that if I had to die at that moment, that it was alright, that I’m complete, and that the love I feel for my family, friends and our world will always keep on growing within me, no matter what ✨

Our world is changing so fast, it’s challenging to keep up. It forces us to have a steady focus and an alive connection to our source within, finding peace within the different choices of our human collective ✨

Gaia (Mother Earth) has called us all together here for this time of transition, and it’s clear that we’re going to make this shift, no doubt. Wether one person shifts the whole universe into a new level of consciousness, for the benefit of all, or wether billions of us will do it, it doesn’t really matter. It only takes one person to reach a certain level of awareness and heal our planet entirely ✨

This weekend is all about resurrection, not necessarily for the Christians only, or for those connected to Mary Magdalen & Yeshua and Isis & Osiris, but for our world as a whole ✨

You know that type of heavy feeling when we wake up, like we’ve lost something? That’s the old timelines splitting away from our consciousness. We’re dying to our old selves. We’re loosing the illusion in order to gain truth, and this can feel empty or lonely. But when we allow these feelings to be felt, respected and cared for as they arise from our inner world, we’ll be able to transform it all into ease, joy and happiness ✨

We’re shedding, realigning, creating, expanding and integrating a new world while the old one is deconstructing. We’re self~realizing that Source flows within all of creation, even when we don’t resonate with it all. Let it be. Let it go. Focus on your own inner freedom. Keep freeing your heart. Keep purifying the realities around you with your loving gaze and smile. Even when we feel a little scared sometimes, we can keep on being actively engaged while embodying our powerful, courageous hearts ✨

Let’s coCreate a New high frequency Earth through our fresh creativity. Gaia has summoned it to be so ✨


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