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Freedom of Choice

I’m becoming an Open Temple. Receiving New Light Rays. Being prepared for a Golden Age ✨

As we can witness in our world today, this new light will continue to change us on the deepest levels of our being. Humanity is being purified from old trauma timelines. From millennia of living in duality ✨

Know that this isn’t about a specific stream of consciousness, teaching, memory or religion. This is about NOW. This is about the different ways in which the whole of humanity is finding spiritual liberation in 2020 ✨

What’s happening on our planet today on all levels is about humanity’s Freedom of Choice. Our freedom of expression. Our civil rights. It’s about living on earth as Sovereign Human Beings. WHAT WE AGREE WITH, OR NOT. Liberating ourselves completely. Fully taking back our power in all ways ✨

In the beginning of this year, I wrote that 2020 is not a year to ‘fit in’ but a time to trust, follow and express our own unique Journey of the Heart. The activations of our DNA are telling our consciousness that we’re now changing time~lines, which can feel very surreal. It’s like we’re dying and resurrecting, while the old constructs drop away ✨

Gaia Mother Earth is lifting the veils, revealing New Future Unity time~lines. This purification process is not easy for many, as our deeply rooted pains and belief systems are strongly embedded into our habitual ways of how we perceive life and ourselves ✨

The high vibrational energies now streaming to Earth are different than anything we’ve ever lived before. Our physical bodies, our energy~systems and the pathways through our bodies are being prepared to re~calibrate and assimilate this new and expanded energy ✨

Let’s be ready for the major changes happening from 2020 till 2033! ✨

As an empty chalice, I’m receiving Gaia’s revelations as “Ultra~Light~Codes of New Creation”. May I continue to expand through absolute divine Love, for all of us to gain maximum benefit from these energies streaming to Earth now. Let’s move individually and collectively with greater Ease and Grace ✨


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