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Our universe is based upon freedom. Freedom for everyOne to choose what we give our attention to, and therefore what we choose to experience ✨

Our relationships are of tremendous value to us as human beings. Every person we interact with is a part of the person we are becoming. In this sense, our interactions with one another are providing the contrasting basis which assures our continuous expansion, individually and collectively. For us to take our mind beyond what it has been before ✨

Because every single interaction with every single person or being, is a part of our process of becoming, every interaction adds to the variety and contrast of our environments, providing us with new platforms to form and define our own personal preferences ✨

Our preferences are of enormous value, for our evolution depends on pioneers and way~showers like us, to fine~tune our desires. Even if we’re not speaking our personal preferences out loud, we’re projecting them outwards vibrationally, and these projections become the foundation of our expansion ✨

Many of us assume that only pleasing relationships have value, but this is not true. Our awareness of any unwanted situations evoke from us a clear vibrational request for something different, and so, even those uncomfortable interactions with others form the vibrational basis of our expansion ✨

Thus, our interactions are much more important than just combining talents and actions in order to accomplish things together in society. In fact, we’re helping one another define the attributes of our individual and collective expansion. Even the briefest of encounters, regardless of whether we agree with the others or not, contribute to our expansion as eternal beings ✨

Through contrast and variety we come to conclusions and decisions, and when we align with those decisions, pure Source energy flows through us as enthusiasm and passion, birthing the continuation of our co~creations ✨

We all must have objects of attention and desires that are awakening us in profound ways, in order to feel the fullness of who we are flowing through us, for the continuation of All~That~Is. This desire is what energizes the eternalness in eternity ✨


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