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Free Meditation for You

Reaching enlightenment with a million of us, we extend the invitation! ✨

Source is happy to fully share this guided meditation through my being on the last day of 2021 ✨ The meditation starts at 19min into the video (if you wish to skip the talk), it’s a recording from our last Lotus Ride on 12/12 (link in bio):

In the video we speak about living life with an open heart, about the challenging times we’re living in and what we can do, not only with the feelings of deep sadness and grief, but also with the feelings of completion. We also mention the ‘ultra light’ blasting our planet since January 2020, and talk a little bit about the split of our human collective ✨

In~Joy ❤️

Feel free to join us in our monthly Ride Your Lotus meditations 🌸 All are Welcome ✨ Replays will be available without time limit ✨ Classes are €22,- for one class, €88,- for 5 classes ✨


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