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Feminine Essence

Feminine cycles isn’t an easy topic, but here’s my golden altar bowl, a womb cleansing ritual bowl ✨

Basically, I see our Sacred Feminine Cycles driving our planet through the centuries, like a powerful engine. Our ovaries are the seat of our magic and Creation Codes. It’s where we alchemize and raise the power of our Mother Earth into the purest life force of Innate Innocence. It’s where we safely guard our unborn children, even before our own physical birth, till the day of our death ✨

It’s where our feminine Essence resides ✨

I’ve heard many stories recently in my New Earth Now community that there’s a new phenomena happening where women coming in contact with vaccinated individuals are having irregular cycles and intensified symptoms of discomfort. It’s called ‘shedding’. But when I check in with my own living Truth inside, this is not the real cause of our problems, it’s just another boring version of people giving their power away to fear. This time it’s a reversed fear story to the ‘normal’ covid/vaxx stories, nevertheless it’s fear driven, again ✨

Personally, I’ve experienced several irregularities in my cycle since the beginning of 2021, also today. And even though my body is a little freaked out about it, I don’t consider this as something caused by any outside event. I guide myself into viewing all phenomena’s as opportunities to slow down, to keep raising my frequency for the benefit of completing humanity’s split as fast, painless and easy as possible, and to allow my body~mind to return to our original primordial freedom and sovereignty ✨

Let’s not forget that we’re just at the beginning of a 13 year cycle. We’re not done yet, so don’t get exhausted. More death waves are scheduled, carrying different names like ‘covid21’, or ‘alien invasions attacking humanity’, and much more. The fear machines used to hold our planet down are extremely precise and well targeted, causing the current death waves through artificial radiation ✨

So let’s continue to drop all drama, process any residues of fear and righteousness, and keep raising our body’s frequency and sovereignty gradually every day. Nothing can stop us co~Creating the New Earth Now ✨


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