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Fear is killing our planet

The intensity of our world is affecting us all, as the waves of change move through our individual and collective focus. We’re invited to experience corona as a hidden gift, an opportunity to slow down and review our life, offering clarity in our connection with ourselves and in our relationships ✨

It’s not an easy path for everyone, to be in a high vibration and to shine our Light, but it’s becoming clear that humanity is birthing a new world, a new earth, a new version of humanity where we live with more sensitivity, kindness, solidarity, compassion, generosity, openness and awareness ✨

‘Social distancing’ is just a term invented to feed the masses with drama. What’s really happening is that society is coming together, embracing the change and tuning into Peace. All over the world, kids, parents, friends and families are closer than ever. People everywhere are helping each other out, actively building new societal structures for our educational systems and work ✨

What’s really killing our planet is not the coronavirus. It’s fear. We’re now collectively processing our fear~demons of sickness, death, old age, loss, lack and impermanence ✨

When we’re hit with a virus, it means the physical body is removing any unwanted energies as fast as possible. Seen on a collective level, we’re now removing humanity’s unwanted core fears, dis~connections and limitations, as fast as possible. The gradually rising Light~levels on Earth will be constantly purging humanity on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Anything within our lives we’re holding onto that’s not serving our human evolution, will be removed ✨

The universe is calling us to deeply self~reflect before our collective consciousness shifts irreversibly to higher frequencies. Through our current planetary, cosmic and galactic alignment, we’re deepening the physical regeneration and spiritual rejuvenation of our bodies and energy~fields. We’re releasing all that needs to be released. We’re amplifying the new Light frequencies and we’re assisting Gaia Mother Earth and all her Life to accept, surrender and embrace the next level of our soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Golden Light ✨


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