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Equinox Shift

The Equinox Shift happening this weekend is an opportunity to individually and collectively release old energies, recode our realities and reveal our desired coCreations for a New Earth ✨

Equinoxes move in sync with planetary, solar, galactic and universal alignments, happening in our skies through the grids and stargates, activating layers of existence deep down in the core of our Mother Earth, and opening our human collective to new ways of being ✨

The aligning stargates unlock new collective realities and experiences, gifting us with a new era of awareness we haven’t been able to maintain as a collective since our fall in consciousness a long, long time ago ✨

It’s for this reason I’m offering you a guided meditation in which you can connect to the current alignment of the stargates through the StarGate of Peace & Initiation of the Sinai, Egypt. Happy Equinox everyOne ❄️💥⚡️🔥☄️❄️ (link to my YouTube channel in bio)

Here’s more info’s on the Equinox Shift, highly inspired by Sandra Walter’s updates:

The last two weeks of continuous geomagnetic storms and Schumann spikes have been preparing the fields and grids for this influx, and also the magnetic fields of Earth feel kind of wavy, shakey. Other global magnetic effects are: storms intensifying, elementals being more intense, veils thinning, harmonics increasing in volume, revelation being more consistent, and the Living Library within Gaia and our DNA is being unlocked ✨

Many are reporting bliss states, Divine Neutrality, multi-layered tones and pressure changes, and the weightlessness of DNA and lightbody activation. Perhaps the most noticeable is the shift in perception. You can feel your brain, heart and perception upleveling to expanded multidimensional awareness ✨


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