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Enlightenment is your birth~right

You walk a path unique to you, but common to all who travel it. Alone in thought, connected through love ✨

All you encounter is you. All you encounter is always you. The you that was left behind, from your fear of not belonging. The you that was hated, from being different. The you who panicked in shame, at allowing pleasure of the body and its needs to overwhelm you ✨

The body is your greatest fan, your most patient teacher; it loves you unconditionally. It holds the secrets you have hid, and continue to hide from yourself, until you’re ready for their blessings to be revealed ✨

All emotions enliven a specific energy, and this energy has a consciousness, one capable of transcending lifetimes. The body holds them with great care and trust, granting access only when you’re ready ✨

Great strength is needed to carry the burden of toxic emotions; for the body, your enlightenment is a sacred Trust. It allows you your pain; it is connected to your higher self in ways the personality shall never enter. It knows your futures, all of your pasts, and all your paths. Its nature is to transcend and traverse all parallel and multiple time~lines ✨

The higher self is you: you-enlightened. The body journeys through time and dimensions to embrace the enlightened you: the you who holds the eternal now in its embrace within tender folds of an expanding love. A love forever refining itself to hold more of the fabric of Life itself, a fabric woven from the primordial pulse of creation itself ✨

This lifetime is a link towards holding the eternal love of the eternal now. All who walk this path do so alone, by choice, until they release the burden of limiting beliefs — the beliefs for which they have argued, and argued, repeatedly, and done so vigorously until they forgot they‘re the key and the lock ✨

The mystery, and the rider of Source, in this moment of creation, is you; you awakened, enlightened, in this lifetime, this moment, this now ✨

Eternity is within you and so is Enlightenment, it’s your birth~right; it walks with you, sharing your heart, unfolding as a cosmic dance within your soul until complete liberation, and far beyond ✨


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