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Enlightenment and our Life Design

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

I’ve discovered something new about the state we call enlightenment, where we step out of all human conditioning, and where we’re fully free to be ✨

When we look at our life design, many of us made a plan reaching over lifetimes of incarnations, as I have. This can expand over thousands of lifetimes, where we choose certain sets of experiences, skills and abilities that we deepen over specifically chosen locations and very often, with certain groups of souls or families we incarnate with ✨

I’ve always known this to be true for me, but in this lifetime now it’s becoming very clear, as I’m unifying many of these life paths. A few weeks ago, when I tuned into a certain awakening set of experiences through my physical body with whom I’ve made repeated agreements to incarnate as a soul, I could clearly see that we had the opportunity to become enlightened many times before. Then, another layer of this knowledge opened up and journeying deeper into it, I realized that if I had agreed to experience, or non~experience, enlightenment in previous lifetimes, I wouldn’t have been as efficient as an incarnation as I am to humanity today ✨

We truly are infinite Beings having earthly manifested experiences of agreed upon solidified limitations, and many of us chose it for fun, or out of curiosity, and many others chose it to help for the benefit of all. Realizing this gave me a lot of space, awareness, humility, freedom, forgiveness, compassion, courage, appreciation and gratitude, and even when I’ll forget about it again, like the universe breathing in and out, something deep within me has irreversibly changed, like a re~union, a new, ancient connection to Source within, stabilizing Oneness ✨

Sharing this message with everyOne here, may it be a gift of creativity, bliss, ease and fun for our day & night ❤️

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