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Embodiment is the deepest bliss

Our body is created for Enlightenment. Alchemizing pure, open magic in form, in all of our cells, atoms & electrons. Bliss is pure medicine ~pleasure a prayer~ when we decide to fully live being Human and Divine in One ✨

Our physical body does not exist outside of ourselves. The body IS IN YOU. It’s constantly given life~force inside of our field of awareness. It’s breathing from our essence ✨

I’m here Now, redesigning our human experience by dreaming, transforming and envisioning our world into the highest possible vibrational timelines. Tapping into the collective Pure~Heart qualities naturally living within us: wisdom, compassion, humility, oneness, equality, radical forgiveness & courage. Being here~now ✨

Embodiment of ascension is in our physical bodies, spiraling down into every cell, connected through our physical body’s depth, space, stillness, emptiness & wisdom. Moving inwards, ascension occurs within our physical bodies for the benefit of all. As human beings, by human beings, for human beings ✨

Ascension is not about being saved from our holographic, deceptive and programmed reality. It’s about moving from separation & slavery into mastery of absolute freedom ✨

It’s about you redefining who you truly are in every moment, thought & emotion. By deeply imbedding the understandings into your daily life and behavior ✨

We are source, sovereign beings, capable of acting with impeccable integrity throughout a constant process of self~redefining and remembering ✨

Ascension is not a location or heaven~type higher realm where we dissolve into light, or we go to when we die, meet light~beings, pay off our karma and reincarnate. Nothing to do with reincarnation. Everything with stepping out of the matrix entirely ✨

Being~New~Earth~Gaia~Now ✨

Yes, I know the universe appears immense, but it’s a sophisticated illusion inside of our head. A hologram inside of a programmed existence, which every human being, consciously and unconsciously, agrees to as ‘reality’. Nothing but interpretations of sound vibrations through our senses. Perceptions. Feeling very real ✨



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