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Egyptian Tantra of the Magdalenes

The secret practice of the Magdalenes is an Egyptian tantric practice to strengthen the Ka light~body through states of ecstasy and bliss. This stream is archetypically female~based, which makes it different than other mystical traditions, which over time have become mostly patriarchic systems ✨

According to the Magdalenes, the female holds the secrets of creation. She must feel safe in the relationship with her partner to be able to truly let go, and for the alchemy of transformation to occur, allowing the feminine mysteries to express themselves through her being ✨ The central place of the female makes this Egyptian method unusual, considering the other 3 major alchemical systems like the Indian tantric yoga, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhist tantra, which are mainly male~based. Although the feminine principle in these 3 streams is deeply honoured, in practice women are often relegated to lesser places of importance and power ✨ The Magdalenes hold the relationship between sexual partners in high regard. In order to activate the inner alchemies within both initiates, the emotional relationship between the male and female is viewed as its sacred foundation. As the female holds the alchemical keys, unlocking the electro~magnetic fields for transformation, these keys cannot be forced but only accessed when there’s safety, appreciation and love in the relationship ✨ In another post here I’ll share part of the method Mary Magdalen and Yeshua (Jesus) used in their practice. It’s very different yet similar to certain nectar gathering practices in Tibetan Medicin like the Tummo (Tuomo) practice, which should only be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified teacher ✨ I realized again during practice in Avalon these days, that it’s through the Tummo practice that I’m moving closer to accomplishing one of my life’s dreams: to alchemize the Magdalen practice within myself to a complete state of grace. I’m so very grateful and deeply moved beyond expression for these opportunities, teachers, light~beings and all other practitioners I’m walking this magnificent path with ✨ Fusing it all into one mastery of the Holy Grail Embody ✨ Our pilgrimage in Avalon starts today!


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