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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Let’s remember our thoughts are just coming and going. We don’t need them. We can simply be Present in our Heart ✨

Let’s not give too much attention to whatever comes and goes. Let’s not give it such importance ✨

Let’s value our true self, witnessing it all ✨Untouched ✨

The space containing all which comes and goes. The light within it all ✨

We don’t need to go out to find anything. It’s inside. It’s inside of us. It’s an inner place which doesn’t grow old. It’s not a feeling, nor an object ✨

It’s timeless. It’s us. It’s eternal. Beyond time. It has no age ✨

This place is the self. Let’s honor it. Love it with self~compassion ✨ It’s here ✨

Scan inwardly with introspection. Who’s dwelling inside? Can you find you? Does it have coordinates? ✨

Are you empty? ✨

Are you full? ✨

Beingness is not concerned with all of this. There’s no movement, no design, no name nor shape, no male nor female ✨

Everlastingly perfect ✨

Unchanging ✨

Let’s not wait to be happy ✨

Does freedom ever wait? ✨

There’s no such thing as ‘trying’ to be aware. Awareness simply is ✨

There’s nothing to change, fix, heal, carry, or hold on to. Notice this ✨

There’s no need to evaluate how we feel. It’s irrelevant. We’re simply here ✨

Present. Undivided. Effortless ✨

Simply ‘I Am’, ‘We Are’, No~One ✨

No imagination. No creating. Simply observing. Nothing to capture ✨

Let’s release any state, even if it feels good, let’s feel it as a feeling, but without any conclusion or identification ✨

Don’t tie any relationship to any experience ✨

No preferences. No posture. No practice. No separation. No division. No liberation. There’s only the ultimate reality we are ✨

No ‘next’ to expect. The one consciousness remains unaffected ✨

Thoughts such as feeling well or not feeling well, know it doesn’t really matter ✨

Is it a feelingless feeling? ✨

This natural sense of wholeness and completeness is here by itself. It belongs to no~one. There’s not a person living life. We are life. We are the awareness of life ✨

We don’t need to be prepared to be. We Are. There’s only peaceful Presence ✨

Happy Equinox everyOne in an hour ❤️ Spring in Northern hemisphere ❤️ Autumn in Southern Hemisphere ❤️


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