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Earth's coming online strongly

Earth is coming online strongly this year, meaning that our sensitivities, telepathic powers and high vibrational skills are becoming more available. The people of the Earth are feeling the shifts on deeper levels, as we complete and start a new 12.000 year cycle on this planet ✨

The ascension of our Earth energetically took place in 2012, but the actual start of our physical human ascension on a global scale manifested in 2020. Not only through massive outer changes, but mostly through the inner revolution continuing in 2021 by freeing our hearts to Be on the leading edge of Creation, thus deciding on humanity’s immediate fate ✨

Ascension is all about cellular transformation, where the vibration of our whole body is gradually shifting to higher frequencies. Within this lifetime, there’s more evolution taking place in our physical bodies, than in the total of all our previous lifetimes on this planet. These radical transformations are not only taking place in our body but also in our planet and entire galaxy. Only when the very cell structure of our body changes, are we able to allow, withstand and integrate the higher frequencies of light and energy blasting our planet for the next 12 years ✨

It’s clear that the split in human time~lines is actualized through a majority of corona~believers and a minority of non corona~believers, where these two points of perception will move further apart as we go along. The two opposite realities created through these fundamentally different belief~systems based on love or fear, are becoming more solid and thus more challenging to unify ✨

If you choose to vaccinate, it will change your body’s DNA irreversibly through the animal compounds of RNA added within them. Your body will be unable to hold the required frequency to fully connect to your divine potential ✨

Our DNA and RNA are intricate communication systems, broadcasting instructions for our living organism and every cell in our body to function properly, wether it’s about the rhythm of our heart~beat or our immune systems. In a sense, our DNA links us to our higher self and the RNA is like our soul’s response to the DNA’s incoming stream of continuous information ✨


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