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Drop the lie of your personality

Our personality is not who we think it is, it’s not our soul or spirit, it’s a human construct of beliefs & expectations we’ve gathered from our upbringing, cultures and those around us, and that we now think is our own. The personality weighs us down, it stands in the way of our presence, spontaneous creations and our flow of life ✨

It’s not easy to put down the lie imposed on us by society, I know. To be stripped naked, to be yourself, to simply be. It puts us in a vulnerable position where we are criticized by others, laughed at, or simply misunderstood. But everything is better than living the burden of the lie, to be afraid to be ourselves, being manipulated and cultivated by society. To not have the energy to fulfill our calling ✨

We drop the lie of our personality by being very honest with ourselves. By self~reflecting on our lives. By looking at our true feelings, thoughts & actions ✨

When we’re honest enough to look at our life from a truthful perspective, everything changes at that moment. We begin to connect to our deepest essence. This part doesn’t need to prove anything or be someone, this self is without personality and doesn’t need to shout and scream. It whispers in our Hearts, patiently waiting for our willingness to hear it speak ✨

Until the moment our awareness becomes subtle enough for us to Be a pure & absolute instrument of divine oneness, until we Are truth embodied, we’ll have to be willing to make the necessary changes in the way we think, speak & act. And when we do, the universe will gift us with well~being on all levels ✨

These precious gifts have always been available, waiting for us to be able to receive them, but our personality was too busy achieving it on its own. Making it impossible for the universe to breath through us ✨

Look deep into the lie of your personality and you’ll find there’s no one there. We fight & struggle to exist, to obtain, to grasp, to attach, to hold onto, but deep down we know it’s a human game we play within. And when we realize this, again and again, the most enjoyable form of Divine Play has began to unfold ✨

We can rest now. We are, we’ve always been, and we’ll always Be Truth ✨


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