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Driving our Planet

I’ve been trained to drive our planet, usually I’ll be invited when I’m in meditation. Our planet Earth is an entity, a living being, she breaths, feels, knows and is constantly aware of all of us ✨

From ancient times, many wisdom keepers call her Gaia, the living spirit of the Earth. Gaia has a consciousness far beyond what we can perceive as human beings. Even further out in the multiverse of galaxies she’s known, celebrated and praised for her infinite wisdom, radiant beauty, open generosity, radical forgiveness and fresh kindness ✨ She’s not some type of rock you walk upon, she knows your name, even before you were born, and way past the choice~point of your death. No use to keep anything secret from her ✨ Your body belongs to Mother Earth, it’s Gaia’s child. It will be yours when you’ve reached a point of spiritual development, where you can hold its being~ness and vibration completely within your awareness, but before that, you’re just borrowing your body from the Earth ✨ Our body has its own consciousness, its own incarnations, history, desires, feelings and pain, and it’s connected to all of our human collectives other bodies. It can download any knowledge it needs at any given moment ✨ Ultimately, like the Earth, our body really only exists within us, and when we realize the truth of this, we can feel it in every part of our being. Only then, we can take our body with us and we’re ready to fuse, become one with our own body and Be Light ✨ When I’m driving our planet, she becomes like a space~ship, made from pure crystals in all sizes. She’s driven by a group~consciousness of beings in a circle and I’ll be floating in the middle, connected to everyOne. We take turns. Sometimes I’ll be sitting in front, like the driver of a car, depending on what’s Gaia’s wish ✨ I wish our human collective to understand that Gaia is powerful beyond measure. She can never be destroyed and certainly not by our doing. Climate change is not a real threat, it simply isn’t true. It’s just another dualistic invitation to lower our vibration, to not realize the truth of who we are and the truth of our co~created reality ✨ So what do you say? Let’s live the New Earth Now!


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