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Dragon Power

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Women are not complicated, we’re deep. Naturally connected to the source of life. Complexity, confusion and psychosis come from ancestral, cultural and social programming, seeing feminine sexuality as dangerous, bad, wrong, dirty and life threatening ✨

Today, our high frequency human collective is playfully remembering how to use our sexual energy to melt down suffering through skillful methods of connecting to our inner landscape, subtle bodies, tantric flow and source bliss ☀️

We prefer to allow sexual energy to stream through us freely, yet it’s difficult sometimes to contain, direct or guide, so we hide, deny and condemn this most powerful part of ourselves, often in guilt, shame or resentment until, if we’re untrained, the tsunami explodes in anger, disappointment or other destructive emotions, usually projected to our loved ones 😅

When we awaken the dragon 🐉 we start to see how our hearts are disconnected from our raw authentic power and our inner feeling awareness. How we've been unconsciously abusing our sexuality through egoistic manipulation and control 🌙

True support is found in spiritual partners who are able to help bear the dragon force without taking the outbursts personal or think we did something wrong. We accept to give time and space to bring these powers in motion, for the tension of suppressed emotions to express and breath without trying to fix it, to fully be present from our heart, body and soul, and to endure and dance with each other’s pain identities. Restoring the connection between our hearts, pelvic floors and third eyes ☀️

I’m so grateful to those souls who didn’t let me burn 🔥 but helped my heart to descend into oceans of pleasure 🌊 I am and will be more safe, loving and delicious for the sake of the whole, knowing that only from an absolute state of intimate safety, our sexual energy grows naturally into embodied wisdom, opening painful armors of emotional protection, melting the walls we hide behind, while our destructive life force becomes life~giving ☀️

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