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Don’t Isolate YourSelf

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

When we’re living in integrity and transparency with our true natural frequency choices, we’re stronger and more connected to our source within. We’re more aware and more able to choose the light, or the light/dark paradigm, and to not engage in the choices or conflicts many seem to be going for. The split in our human collective is pushing through, in the coming 4 months these potential conflicts are being magnified ☀️

Don’t separate yourself from the others, don’t isolate yourself. Maybe you believe it will be easier, but it won’t, you’ll just be suffering alone. Maybe you believe your frequency is too low, that you’re better off alone to not bother anyone, but your natural frequency is always high! It’s always present and untouched ☀️

Being aware that these dynamics are playing out on our planet, we can stay connected with our support groups, tribes, families and friends to strengthen each other. We don’t need to agree on everything, we simply need to stay connected with each other, focused on our primary purposes, so we can get through the intensity of these upcoming times together ☀️

Maybe you feel like separating from your body to get another one, or maybe you feel like separating from loved ones, or you feel a split happening between your inner dark personality and your inner light personality. Whatever is happening, know that It’s not you, it’s the human collective. It’s happening everywhere at the same time. Just being aware of these clashing energies within and around us, will help to navigate it all without getting too stuck in victim/agressor cycles or in the heavily broadcasted negative frequencies we’re constantly being exposed to ☀️

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