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Do you know what you truly need?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Asking for help doesn’t come easy, I prefer to figure it out by myself. The limiting programs I’m processing these days, in my body, heart and soul, state that asking for help is shameful, weak and doomed to fail because ‘I’m not good enough to deserve care, love and respect’ ☀️

‘Receiving’ doesn’t come easy either, but I’m noticing a noblesse in the men who’ve greatly supported me in my life, be it teachers, friends, family or intimate relationships, it’s their great capacity to help without asking questions, in total commitment, before judging what, why, or how. A selfless offering without anything in return. Knowing that my life would be more easy, fun, free or happy 😊 would recharge their batteries to provide for more ☀️

I aspire to be like these heroes, assisting without questioning or holding back, giving myself fully and generously to improve our collective and personal lives. It makes me wonder what’s the difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’? What’s the difference between helping and saving someone? What’s the difference between providing to fulfill a need, or helping someone out? Do we ‘want’ to be trusted or do we ‘need’ to be trusted? ☀️

In general, Western women like myself were raised in a society where we were motivated to adapt and improve ourselves by perfection, feeling an instinctive need to be perceived as ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful’ to be pleasing (thus we would be protected and provided for), yet fearing not to be too perfect to cause jealousy in other women 😅

In reality however, when we‘d done everything we could but still didn’t get what we truly needed, no matter how much effort we made to change ourselves, the damage to our self~esteem was unbearable. Indeed, it can be deeply painful. So in that sense, we have to learn to be responsible to express our needs and gain confidence in getting our needs met. Not as a selfish act, but as an act of kindness, starting with setting clear boundaries ☀️

Do you know what you truly need?

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