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Desire as a path to Enlightenment

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Desire can be a path to enlightenment when we’ve achieved a point in our incarnations where we’ve experienced absolutely everything we desired. Then, the final desire is enlightenment and life can become a conscious choice. We realize that any type of experience can bring us into a state of enlightenment, because we already are that: enlightened beings ☀️

In order to live on this planet, we limited our awareness to be able to have a certain experience, which we can’t have if we’re constantly in an expanded state of awareness, oneness or enlightenment. So in that sense, enlightenment is a higher self choice and the beneficial circumstances that will bring it about are different for each person ☀️

Distractions and addictions happen when we’ve had a taste of shaktipat, bliss or samadhi, and we spend the rest of our lives looking for it. But if we believe enlightenment can only be reached through a specific method, teaching, practice, or one specific type of experience, then the path itself becomes an attachment and distraction. Enlightenment can never be an experience for the ‘me, myself and I’. It’s impossible. It does however mean an ending of desire in a personal sense ☀️

When you look at your hand: do you desire to have it? No, right? Because you already have it ☀️

For over 2 decades, I believed reaching enlightenment was one of my primary goals and priorities in life, but I’m now slowing down to realize it’s not. At least not in the way I thought it was ☀️

If I desire to save the planet, or if I search for enlightenment, most probably I’ll get distracted, or stuck in one of the most common light~workers traps because it isn’t in actual alignment with my prime priority ☀️

I came here on this planet to be here, to have a human experience with all of us together and to express my true frequency: to see that vibration reflected in my daily life experiences. Does this mean I need to be enlightened to express my highest frequency? Does it mean I need or want to have a specific type of experience? Or is the experience itself irrelevant? ☀️

What’s your prime priority in life? ☀️

Inspiration through the podcasts of Inelia Benz:

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