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Creating new worlds in Palestine

Join us on the 24th of February 2023, from 10am till 5pm in Cremisan Monastery & Winery, 7min drive from Bethlehem ☀️ For the Goddesses who feel called, you’re more then welcome to join our (Goddess Only) Heart~Womb Workshop ❤️

We’ll create a powerful circle of women from all walks of life ⭕️ as One ⭕️ and practice ancient techniques to initiate, sanctify and awaken our inner landscape, diving deeper into our individual and collective Heart~Womb connection ❤️

For more information on the methods and contents of our work together, and the transformations and integration we might be able to enjoy, feel free to check out:

Since I can remember it’s been my dream to be in Bethlehem one day, and its hard to believe (🤭) but it’s about to become reality in about 3 weeks from now. Yay 😁

About the conflict in the Middle East, it’s part of the reason I’m participating in this co~creational workshop: I’m here to change the world, not to ignore the state our world is in. What doesn’t resonate with me however, is to choose sides or go into ‘us’ vs ‘them’; to engage in the ongoing polarization of the light/dark paradigm. I’ve learned it changes nothing, especially when we fall into righteousness, either way (I know it’s challenging 😰) If we do, then we know for sure we’ve been hooked by low frequency subscriptions and agreements, or through programming that is being kept in place to disempower humanity 😅

Let’s create a new earth of light instead, open to new realities, a beautiful world where humanity’s new awareness can grow and flourish 🌍

From the highest level of expanded awareness which my higher self can reach right now, I’m asked to only engage in the highest frequency experiences we can have with each other, and to have our core frequency reflected back at us in all the experiences we’re having on earth. I’m asked to stay in full awareness and alignment to our true self, our inner Source connection, and share it with those who’ve chosen high frequency timelines and experiences ❤️

Inscriptions & info:


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