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Clarifying perceptions: Tara~Mother Goddess.

Let’s get this clear for the sake of international women’s day today. For all those who see demons in the icons I’m sharing in my last posts, this is not a demon, she’s the 13th emanation of the Mother Goddess Tara

First of all, the one who’s seeing demons is usually a person struggling with their own inner demons. Second of all, this queen here, her name is Drölma Yülle Gyaljema (Skt.Tārā Ripu Cakra Vināśinī) and she is the 13th emanation of the 21 emanations of Tara

I’m practicing tantra with this deity now that our world is in war, because she’s a powerful force offering and manifesting enlightened activities, particularly offering protection to humanity at times of war

The 13th Tara is fierce, dark red and has her third eye wide open. Externally, she protects beings from violence and war, preventing destruction caused by anger and aggression. She returns all beings back to Joy. She protects against negative forces, both with and without form. Internally, she protects from obstacles that arise from negative emotions, thoughts, and mental projections clouding our inner wisdom that could potentially lead to internal and external harm

Tara is not some type of outside force I’m giving my power away to, it’s the opposite. It’s like any shamanic Journey where we unite forces with benevolent energies to become stronger, so in that sense, I am Tara. Tara is representing the enlightened qualities that live within me and within all of us. When I become one with her during practice, for example by reciting her mantra, I can realize and manifest greater things then when I’m just in my daily life perception. Think of it as a soul being in a physical body, it’s a partnership, it’s a symbiosis, it’s a co~creation

And yes, she’s swift, clear, direct and ruthlessly fierce in her actions, yet at the same time she’s completely peaceful and loving in her heart with great compassion

Tara is an enlightened ally, a spiritual guide we can call at times of need, but if you think I’m idolizing or worshipping some kind of demonic force outside of myself or you’re just here on my profile to judge, criticize or insult me, then you can leave, you’re not welcome here


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