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Celebrating this Forever Pure Moment

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

When life lays to rest in the midsts of silence, we gently open up to the essence of our own being, returning to the source within our hearts. We’re dreaming our human collective’s destiny awake by relaxing in our ground of being, aware and untouched by experiences ❤️

There’s a sacred, open and relieving space from where all thoughts and emotions arise as dynamics of peace. Where no creatures, visions or images ever entered. Where no activity, work, practice, perception or understandings are necessary ❤️

Here a radical freedom of completion and indivisible oneness always awaits and supports us, guiding our own chosen voluntary boundaries, no matter how much fear we feel for the future, trauma we lived in the past, or how confused we are in the present ❤️

This safe, inner healing space is always accessible as silent memories without form. Eternal inner union, expressing our true, spacious frequency. We enter it by constantly inwardly relaxing our mind, simply resting within, instead of focusing or trying to change or improve anything, relying on our effortless, natural and ultimate goodness ❤️

Our mind, directly experiencing itself without origin, is forever friendly clarity, collapsing reality in what we think we know. When we release and allow the infinite divine rebirth of the unknown to be, always fresh and new, we see life for what it truly is ❤️

Life being life ❤️

Holding space for love to be seen ❤️

Shining forth in each one of us is continuous, open intelligence. Source connection. A being beyond the absolute where all data streams are appearances arising from within itself. Empty reflections of itself without independent nature. Irrelevant of meaning or judgement, good or bad, always neutral, whatever form or shape ❤️

Stable confidence found in open awareness is always present within us and all phenomena. When we stop thinking as well as when we’re thinking. Feeling or not feeling. Infinitely abiding and empowering us. Permanently celebrating this forever pure moment ❤️

When we trust in our view without viewpoint, warm compassion and creative explorations for self and all others arise spontaneously ❤️

We are light honouring love, forever ❤️

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Credit: Artwork by Susanne Amara


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