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Breaking Open

The universe whispers Silent songs of liberation, once we allow ourselves to break open fully. Surrendering to our pain, we experience new expressions of self, blazing through like thunder and lightning ✨

During this full moon passage, I’ve been experiencing a total break~down and break~through again of the deep constructs of my pain~identities. During the tough parts of the ride, I noticed how I’m strongly holding on to belief~patterns causing suffering, negative perceptions and egoistic projections. It’s amazing how I keep forgetting that everything happens entirely for our liberation ✨

We always try so hard to avoid the dissolution of our ego’s identity, but in fact, our pain, changes and transformations radiate potent light and joy, which we can experience fully when we understand we can never be broken, being open and vulnerable. In our grief and our pain, we’re shown where we’re trapped and locked down in our deep waters within. It’s an intimate, inner experience which we’re gifted to go through in our darkest moments of grief and heartbreak ✨

The tremendous energy we exert in our efforts to resist our deep rooted pains, to not fall apart, to not break. We deny the need to change, until this choice no longer feels like it’s our own. We forget that our vulnerability is our greatest strength. If we’re already broken, we cannot break anymore ✨

We can thrive in the midst of change. We can use our pain to joyfully and purposefully transform. We can see everything as an opportunity to release what isn’t serving us ✨

Being broken isn’t a failure or something we should avoid. It’s a hidden gift, to allow all ideas of ourselves to go up in the blasting heat of the flames. Beneath the ashes of this Sacred fire, the soft core of our true being arises spontaneously. We remember it’s not our heart breaking; it’s our ego. The Heart always and forever expands. Infinitely. Beyond the beyond ✨

Let’s allow the universe to do what she does. In her endless grace, she takes care of everything. May we trust her breath, comforted by the genuine warmth of her absolute wisdom ✨


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