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Black Diamond Tantra dances through me like an Open Temple; cutting through humanity’s visions and dreams till the very core of our being 💎

It’s exciting to be living it’s high vibrational birthing process with a group of beautiful women here in Egypt, as it’s been steadily blazing within me for so many years! Liquid fire, space, water, air and Earth, alchemizing my inner landscape for 2 decades to be prepared to share this work! 💎

The Black Diamond Ray of light is a dormant frequency within our body and our Earth, a consciousness existing within our own perception, waiting for us to be activated till we reach a vibrational signature high enough to match the Diamond Ray, to be able to access it 💎

Why Black? Cause it stands for stability, mystery, self~mastery and pure awareness of absolute emptiness 💎

Rays of colour correspond to streams of thought within the individual, and within our planetary body, as an entire vibrational field which makes up the energy matrix of that individual 💎 The colour rays are living consciousness structures we can interface with, resulting in deep inspiration and creativity 💎 For those of us, whose expansion reaches into frequency fields of Presence beyond our daily life perception, we communicate and merge with these colour rays, which are personified as archetypes, deities, ascended masters, angels, guides and animal totems 💎

Hira means ‘diamond’ and ‘thunderbolt’ in Sanskrit, and both cut through ignorance with a direct, strong and invincible strike. The diamond is pure, indestructible and eternal 💎 When we’re able to contain these intense forces within the Innate Innocence of our physical, emotional, mental and energy~bodies; when we can express our darkness through our Light; we’re free and energized to co~create Heaven on Earth 💎

In my BLACK DIAMOND TANTRA© workshops we’re experientially activating our Crystalline Diamond Light Body through breathing, by allowing our Diamond Light Codes to be activated, and through harnessing orgasmic flow 💎


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