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Be Source

I keep forgetting it myself very often, but we all co~create reality in every moment ✨ The most basic of all rules is that each and every person on Earth is presently creating and co~creating reality. Everything, from the shape of our body to our neighbourhood, our wealth, health, relationships, skills and the people around us. Absolutely everything we experience is created by ourselves ✨

It doesn't matter how old we are, co~creation is done by each one of us, by agreeing about the 'reality' around us and the relationships we’re having. All change, no matter if it's professional problems at work, financial issues, relationship issues, or simply a better view out of our apartment, it’s all done internally ✨ Thus, in this sense, climate change is a natural process of this planet, and as such, it’s being used as a tool by ‘the powers that were’ to create fear in our human collective, for us not to stand in our own creation power ✨ We can simply see climate change as another invitation to subscribe to a lower vibrational reality of duality. Instead we can choose to decide and know that Earth doesn’t need to be saved, she’s powerful beyond measure. And that, no matter what pollutants and fears get thrown our way, we don’t have to ingest it or be affected by it ✨ So, we don’t have to stop living our lives and not fly or travel anymore for example. But we can take a plane from a different perspective, by Being Source and co~creating a world which manifests free energy solutions now ✨ That said, ofcourse we should be careful with our planet, with its nature and all of its inhabitants, to bring happiness and to not cause harm in any way. To restore our planet. To fund companies and products that are taking care of our planet, as much as we can ✨ Free energy has been available on our Earth since a very long time in ancient Egypt. We can continue to choose to NOT AGREE with all of the subtle invitations of fear and separation, constantly coming from everything and everyone around us and in our reality. We can choose to be impeccable. We can continue to actively share, be, breath and CELEBRATE the beautiful paradise planet WE ARE in every moment 🌹


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