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Being Open to our pain

True love can blossom when we’re able to be fully present with another, while being fully present with ourselves. No matter what ✨

When we’re able to co~create a field of Presence, the highest possibilities can be reached. Within this field of Presence all can be shared safely and in authenticity. Not only the ecstasy of living, but also its pains and its losses ✨

Within true love, we stop trying to control, save and protect each other, we break all co~dependent bonds, and we honestly speak our messy truths by taking fierce ownership of our pain and joy, thoughts and feelings, urges and desires, values and passions ✨

When we listen to someone who shares their pain, fear, rage, disappointment or jealousy, when we listen to someone taking the courage to express their hidden pains, it’s challenging to stay open, soft and receptive. To be aware of our own defenses, impulses and urges to attack, suppress or withdraw. To be present and receive 'what is' ✨

True love is able to hear another’s truth without trying to fix them, advise them, or change their experience in any way. When something we’ve done or said had an effect on the other, we have the courage to listen, even if it triggers a big discomfort in us, making us feel afraid, ashamed or guilty. Being aware of our own triggers, honouring them, breathing into them, letting them dissolve into light. Blessing our triggers with awareness, while we keep on listening ✨

When we co~create a safe and strong field of Presence together, we’re able to be vulnerable to tell our own, raw and uncompromising truth. The truth that hurts, frees and heals ✨

Holding space to share everything without avoiding conflict, rejection and abandonment ✨

We break. We burn. We confess our invisible boundaries. We tremble with fear, joy and ecstasy ✨

True love gives the gift of relational safety. Of active listening. Of clear, open, slow, humble and delicate communication ✨

Knowing that parts of us are not meant to be healed. Just held in loving awareness ✨

Perhaps our wounds have reasons we cannot comprehend from where we are ✨

Perhaps our pain is what healing actually feels like ✨

Perhaps being open to our pain is all it takes ✨


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