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Being on Fire

2020 is a very transformational year, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. The physicalization of the dismantling of our different realities and time~lines is now becoming evident on a global scale ✨

How can we stay in our Hearts and maintain our highest trajectory, individually and collectively? How can we experience the new ultra~Light of Embodiment?

I find that raising my awareness is a bitter~sweet process. There‘s nothing more beautiful than growing in Awareness, but we can’t avoid coming face to face with our own diseases, traumas and limiting belief~patterns. This is an intense pain which arises as a result of the gaining of awareness ✨

Awareness is incredible, wonderful, fascinating and Sacred, yes! But it can also be intensely painful ✨

Some people have a natural affinity with the intensity of life, but they’re also constantly burning themselves up. In my experience, we can train ourselves in learning how to deal with the pain and suffering of being human ✨

Maybe the point is not to avoid suffering, or even to get rid of it, but to see more clearly what’s really going on. The more we see the real issue, the less intense our suffering can become, and the faster we can return to the Source of Joy in what’s really true ✨

In TAO, we call this “The Golden Thread.” Every time we switch from doing to not~doing, from understanding to experiencing, we come into contact with what we call the Golden Thread. This Golden Thread is consciousness itself. It’s an invisible, gold~coloured stream of energy, flowing through the centre of our Inner Gate ✨

It’s by definition impossible to hold this Golden Thread, and awareness includes the pain we experience when we’re touching, and yet immediately losing this Golden Thread. This experience can be called: "Being on Fire" ✨

True initiation consists of simultaneously developing the Yin and Yang proportionately, crossing the Golden Thread as often as possible, without burning in the flame of consciousness itself. Through inner alchemy, we learn how to merge these two pillars into One and develop the ability to better tolerate the intensity of life ✨

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