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Are you a Transmitter?

Happy Earth Day everyOne ✨

Have you already discovered what your unique Gifts are for our New Earth?

It’s very possible you’ve been trained to give your unique gifts to humanity and our planet in these times of transition. But many of us instead, have tried to be something or someone we’re not. Not being in our own Flow, channeling our genius ✨

Personally, I’ve discovered that one of my most precious gifts for our world is not being a creator, but that it’s more about being a transmitter. Much of why I’m here in this life, has to do with carrying the energies of high vibrational time~lines for our planet and our human collective, and to bring them into our reality through the unpredictable, undefinable, unrestricted and always changing Sacred Feminine of our collective future ✨

This ability of the transmitter, to emanate healing and evolutionary energy into the world, is challenging as a gift because it’s completely invisible 😅 Our western cultures don’t have the language to define it, much less the awareness of acknowledging and appreciating this energetic gift ✨

Transmitters need to be nourished, nurtured and relaxed, just to be able to transmit their gifts of Being. In ancient times, transmitters were identified at an early age, probably raised in a temple as a Precious Sacred One, and honored deeply for their invisible but palpable gifts ✨

My gift for today is a message for all transmitters, an invitation to stop acting against your nature, trying to fit in, trying to be productive or trying to be organized in systems and structures. This is an invitation to reveal your true genius and to access the right people you came here to evolve. Your most natural roles are as a healer, a teacher, as a living embodiment of tantric practices like yoga, or as a presenter where you don’t just talk, but actually emanate your Unique Light around you ✨

Transmitters, take good care of your highly sensitive selfs, and find ways to allow your unique light to radiate into the world without burning yourself up! Allow yourself to completely relax and shine! ✨


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