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All is well

All of Egypt’s been down. Not 1 phone call. No internet. Zero warning. Imagine a whole country. Cut off. People in danger & urgency. Not being able to call for help ✨

When we think about what’s essential, what we agree and don’t agree with. When we think about collective freedom. What are your thoughts? ✨

I think the human rights on our planet are constantly being violated in the controlled and manipulated time~lines of our human race. Happily, there are also new time~lines now being implemented by galactic, cosmic and planetary forces for the well~being of all. Our whole galaxy is ascending to a higher frequency ✨

It’s no use blaming the world’s governments or ‘the elite’. It will only give them more power. Remember. We’ve put them there millennia ago, when we agreed to have a dualistic experience of light~dark on our planet ✨

So now that this is all finished. Are you ready to take back your power and change our world? Truly? From the inside out?

Let’s see all of our current global changes as a reflection of our own perceptions of Self. It’s time to demonstrate absolute focus and self~mastery. The time of victims, aggressors and saviours is gone. Keep your focus, knowing everything ‘out there’ and in our inner world, it’s all an empty display of space and light. We are Free. We’re Everything. We’re Nothing. We’re One. We are Love, Light & Joy ✨

Yes, we hold space for ourselves and all others to go through deep moments of human doubt, depression and anger. But we cannot allow ourselves, or others, to indulge in our negative habits any longer. Neither in our world. Nor in our fields of Awareness ✨

I’m continuing to make myself available by being Open to our world. Feeling safe within clear boundaries of Creation unfolding through my Being. I realize, no matter what my mind thinks or tries to figure out, no matter what our world looks like, I’m Here. Breathing. ALL IS WELL. We’ve prepared for this in so many lifetimes ✨

I’m excited about the massive healing opportunities for humanity and our New Earth. Do not believe the hype! Process your fears. This is a miraculous, positive and transformational ride for humanity ✨

Sending golden diamond Liquid~Light ✨


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