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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I’ve had 2 abortions in my life: 1 after a disastrous one night stand, and 1 with a partner I wasn’t ready to parent with. It took my body and soul many years of healing to recover from the loss, but I cannot imagine my life today, if I wouldn’t have been given the freedom to make this choice 🌙

I’m not suggesting casual, unprotected sex, if I’d been more aware and embodied Love back then, there wouldn’t have been any need for abortions, I’d be much more careful in my choice of sexual explorations and partners. But I was sexually uneducated, confused, traumatized, lost, desperate and hopeless. I was looking for loving truth in all the wrong places, from inner torture instead of knowing our true nature. It’s shocking how far down the rabbit 🐇 hole 🕳 I lived until I found my husband @deepzen_kosho at age 29, who took me in his warm embrace and never stopped loving me in our 16 years of marriage ❤️

In the first 2 months of being in the womb of our mother, we are fluid souls who are not incarnated yet, our physical body has not grown yet, we’re a foetus, not an ‘unborn child’. My first abortion was not in a hospital but entirely through shamanic journeying, and when I connected to the soul who had chosen me to be born through, I told it, it wasn’t welcome because I wasn’t ready to be a mother. It replied that it wasn’t planning on being born, and that this short time in my womb was enough. Shortly after it left and my moon started.

‘World Unity’ doesn’t come about through corrupted politics and economics, but through awakened and enlightened souls and societies. Taking away basic human rights is not a step in the right direction, but is moving further away of self empowered human beings.

Furthermore, being a parent has accelerated, healed, nourished and matured my soul at phenomenal speeds. As a mother, I say to a world that’s stripping away fundamental women’s rights to take basic decisions about their own body, I say you’re completely ignorant 🌙

STOP FEEDING THE LIGHT/DARK PARADIGM! All political/economical systems worldwide are corrupted, incapable of serving humanity’s greater good. Stop voting and giving your power away through emotions, move country and build your own structures and communities 🌙

I’m guiding a trilogy of ⭕️ WOMB WISDOM ⭕️ MasterClasses and our third and final Womb Enlightenment MasterClass is next Sunday, where we’ll journey together into different ways of bringing back the Goddess to our individual and collective lives & bodies. We’re currently passing through a universal ‘Dark Night of the Womb’ on this planet and we’re helping our human collective to rebirth into a new and deeper spiral 🌀 awakening, into a new earth 🌍

All 3 classes are still available as ‘stand alone’ classes, or as a package here at

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