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Conscious creation means to become aware of our unconscious creations. Without self~mastery, we’re mostly operating on automatic pilot and our mind runs us, instead of us running our mind ✨

In the past months, I’ve discovered so much unconscious confusion active within me, it’s been phenomenal. I’ve come to realize that our repressed thoughts and emotions can become very dangerous if we don’t process them ✨

Dangerous in the sense that these hidden, rigid and frozen parts of ourselves do continue to live within us, but because we continuously push them away, not wanting to connect to our pain, we keep harming ourselves and each other. Eventually, these frozen identities within us will cause us to get sick and die ✨

Our pain usually comes out when we’re not expecting it, when we’re triggered, when we’re alone, when we wake up in the middle of the night, or when we’re reminded of a painful situation in the past. The pain can then re~activate in a flash of a second by lashing out to a loved one or by speaking harshly, by obsessive thoughts or behavior, or by reacting emotionally with fear, anxiousness, stress, worries or tension to certain situations ✨

Our pain identities get triggered in different situations and these disconnected voices within ourselves don’t communicate very well with each other, nor do they even know about each other. I’ve been so insecure in my relationships for example, that it takes me many years to actually begin to open up and connect, to trust, to be confident, to initiate, regulate, set my boundaries, surrender and understand the dynamics, and to see that whatever is happening in my reality is a pure reflection of how I perceive the world, not the fault of the others, or a broken world around me ✨

When we process our pain, we begin to breath life more freely and we begin to be able to consciously choose our experiences instead of being overtaken by them ✨

I still have much hidden pain inside of my body, speech and mind to release, but for those who feel called, I’m here to help release trauma, anger, grief or any pain. Feel free to contact me, or check out my private sessions:


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