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Private sessions

Online RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes

'Awaken your Heart' (ATIH) workshops, onsite & online

Adm. notes:

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For both the private sessions & classes, HiRa uses the Zoom platform. Zoom is a super easy to use application on all devices, and your class/session can be recorded for later use, as you wish.


For all private sessions, please cancel at least 24h before to prevent being charged. For the RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes there are no refunds, you'll receive a link with the replay straight after the class. Thank you very much for your understanding. For all other refund & cancellation policies, please see the information given per event/workshop, thank you.



 1 Ascension Session - 1 hour - €77,70


HiRa will contact you after your booking to arrange a convenient time & date.


Adm. note: please cancel at least 24hrs in advance to prevent being charged, thank you very much.

 3 Ascension Sessions - 3 x 1 hour - €199,90


HiRa will contact you after your booking to arrange a convenient time & date.


Adm. note: please cancel at least 24hrs in advance to prevent being charged, thank you very much.


"I was truly blessed to meet Hira Hosen on my way!!! You know, my phone automatically corrects "Hosen" to "Chosen", which is so incredible true! She's unbelievable master... That's not easy to find the words to describe my experience during the workshop and the miracle of healing love, she gave to me... The knowledge and unique understanding of this world, which she shared so generous with our group, changed all of us forever! I finally found the way "home", to the secret space of my heart, learned trust and am starting to experience silence and forgiveness... I'm deeply grateful and full of love! Thank you!!!"

Vladyslava Luchenko, ATIH workshop, Belgium, 2017

HiRa Hosèn - Egypt

Welcome, I'm Hira 🕊 

I speak fluent English (EN), French (FR) & Dutch (NL).


I receive a lot of emails & social media messages. Please respect my private life and understand I don't have the time to answer all requests, including questions about your personal lifestream ✨

I'm very grateful to offer you my free guided meditations & vlogs private sessions, online classes, workshops & tours: Services. Let's raise our vibration together 💠


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