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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
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🌸 20-25th of October 2019, by HiRa Hosèn

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'The way of Love' workshop is created to empower you and to raise your vibration by ways of deepening the awakening of your heart. This workshop carries Mary Magdalene's energetic imprint by giving it the name 'The way of Love'. When Mary Magdalene continued teaching in France & the UK (Avalon, the modern Glastonbury) after the resurrection, she named the teaching 'The Way of Love'.

Part of our work in this workshop will be to remember and re-activate the High Priests & Priestesses lineage and memories of the Melchizedek, Isis, Essenes and the Magdalene lineage ✨ We will call in the new earth timelines by remembering and activating the source & light codes in our individual & collective DNA. We will also be working with ascension columns (pillars of light), ascension flames, core-fear-matrix removals and many more effective tools by ways of healing, toning, guided meditations & Light exercises ✨


When Mary Magdalene continued teaching after the resurrection of her beloved Yeshua, she and many other members of the Essene community established themselves first in the land of Gaul (France) and later, together with other members of the community, she moved to Avalon in the UK (modern Glastonbury). She named her ministry 'The Way of Love'.

Read more on the present-day Magdalene here: https://www.tantraoftheheart.com/mary-magdalene


According to Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition, the biblical Mount Sinai was the place where Moses received the ten commandments. What many people don't know, is that high up on the rocky face of the Mount Sinai there's the remains of an ancient hermitage of the Wise Ones that predated the coming of Moses and the Israelites. The Essene Order of the Melchizedek has always been the caretaker and guardian of this sacred site and powerful energy vortex.


It's here that long before the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, the Ancients had taken their initiation, and their bodies had been interred at the time of their transition in secret hidden caves and crypts, used for regenerative purposes, high alchemy, and a repository of records and catacombs. The monastery of St. Catherine of Alexandria, constructed many centuries later, still exists in our day, and we will physically visit this monastery during our journey.



"For the celebration of the new millennium my dear friend Sine and I climbed the Great Pyramid during the night of the 1st of January 2000. We stayed up on top all night until late morning. (Have a look here below at a picture of us that I took in the morning).


The next days we travelled from Cairo to the Sinai desert, where we climbed the Mount Sinai together before departing our ways. I staid alone up the Mount Sinai for 6 days & 5 nights without anything but a warm blanket, given to me by a resident young Beduin up the mountain. It was very cold and the third day it snowed. During my stay in what the Beduins call 'the Moses cave', I slept on the ground and went through several profound inner initiations. During the cold nights on the cold floor, I also had many mystical dreams.


Have a look at the picture here below taken during our Initiation journey in Oct'18, you might feel the beauty & intensity of this mystical mountain.


 I am now inviting you to join us to experience your own personal initiation up the sacred mountain. We'll experience breathtaking views of the sun-rise while living a deep remembrance and to hold space while clearing star-gates.


Will you hear the call and feel the invitation?"

Hira Hosen Egypt Great Pyramid way of love Workshop
We are stars joined in body’s 💫__Darkne


You can choose to participate into the workshop only, with or without tour and with or without integration day, as you wish 💠

The arrival is at Sharm-el-Sheikh airport on Sunday the 20th of October, where you'll be transported to our hotel in Sharm. After breakfast the next morning on the 21st, we will all meet and move together to Dahab. Here we will check into our hotel and have lunch. After a lunch break we will meet in our workshop space and slowly start with an introduction to the work we'll be sharing ✨


The 22nd we'll stay in Dahab, continue our workshop with healing circles and other Light exercises. In the evening we will have ample time to discover this laid back beach town.


We will call in the New Earth timelines by remembering and activating the source light codes in our individual/collective DNA. Source might also guide us to be working with ascension columns (pillars of light), ascension flames, core-fear-matrix removals and many more effective tools by ways of healing, toning, guided meditations and Ka Light Body exercises ✨


Let's see what will be asked of us, it's also depending on the energies and requests from the present attendants during workshop and the dynamics of the group ✨


The 23rd of October, we will move to Saint Catherine monastery and check into the Monastery & other places around. That night around midnight we will go up the Sinai mountain which is a big climb, so we'll take time that day to rest and discover together the famous Saint Catherine Monastery with it's well preserved treasures and deep rooted memories ✨


We might even have the rare occasion of receiving access to the monastery's ancient library, but this can only be confirmed closer to our actual traveling date ✨


We will walk up the mighty Sinai mountain with our professional tour guide. There are designated trails all the way up with many resting points. You can choose to go up on foot or on a camel, and it's not a rocky type of climb but you’ll need good walking shoes, no slippers please 😅😬😉 


It is recommended you are fit if you choose to walk during the night. If you have limited mobility or any other condition that might prevent you from joining us for the hike, you can still join the workshop and trust the rest of the group to anchor your energy on the summit ✨


On top of the mountain, we'll be gifted with breathtaking views at sunrise and a deep remembrance. Part of our work will be the clearing and reviving of the Stargate Portals present in this area ✨


The 24th is integration day. This is a free day while we stay at the Monastery. From previous experiences this integration day is very important as we haven't slept much and the experience was enjoyably intense ✨ Feel free to organize your own travel into the Sinai desert on the 24th, which is highly recommended, the red & white canyons for example are stunning. Our travel guide will be very happy to arrange it all for you.

On Hira’s request we’ve added this integration day as in her experience our remembering in Sinai is very significant, so to stay another night is recommended and included in your workshop reservation, but ofcourse, completely optional. In any case, some of the group will choose to stay this night and some like to continue to move out straight away  ✨


The 25th of October, we'll check out of the Monastery early morning and we'll travel back together to Sharm-el-Sheikh, where we will all be transported together through Dahab to Sharm El Sheikh airport, or any other destination of your choosing, as long as it's on the way to Sharm El Sheikh airport ✨


Please understand that the exact times of our mountain journey, visits and workshop will be announced onsite, as it all depends on our group energies, the availability of the sites, guides and further organisations of hotels, visits, transport, licenses etc. In Egypt we need to be flexible with the many changes happening during travels like ours. We thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding ✨


Email: hirainegypt@gmail.com


Everybody who feels called to deepen their Hearts awakening is very welcome in this workshop. It doesn't matter what background you have, religion or upbringing, whether you have experience or not in meditation or spirituality, you are very welcome to join exactly as you are.


This workshop will be given in English. If you need translation of certain specific words in Dutch (NL) or French (FR), please ask Hira and she will be happy to translate certain words during the course.

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Mount Sinai

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Mount Sinai

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Mount Sinai

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Mount Sinai

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops


Our first 3 nights will be in Sharm-el-Sheikh (1 night) and Dahab (2 nights). In Saint Catherine, we will stay in Saint Catherine Monastery for 2 nights. Have a look here above for pictures, you can click/touch the pictures to see larger images.

There’s only a limited amount of rooms in the Monastery available, so only those who book first will have a room in the monastery, guaranteed. For later inscriptions, we’ll probably have to arrange other accommodation nearby.


Also, Saint Catherine Monastery might not be offering your usual requested standards and class. Please be aware of the limited access and resources available in the middle of the Sinai desert, as the rooms might be less luxurious than what you're used to. Thank you very much for your understanding.


The 2 day workshop preparing us for our initiations and climb will unfold in Dahab Coral Coast hotel.

There will be 3 meals offered every day. On your arrival in Sharm-el-Sheikh, there will be an evening meal included in your accommodation, providing you arrive before 21hrs. If you check in after 21hrs, you'll have to arrange your own meal at your personal costs. The last day, the 25th, a breakfast is included. 


For any dietary needs, gluten free food & allergies, and bio/organic inquiries, please know that other then the basic vegetarian & vegan options, you'll probably have to bring your own supplements. There's limited resources on sophisticated & organic food supplies in the Sinai desert and in Egypt in general. Thank you for your understanding.


The accommodation is offered for 5 nights all included in the price; 1 night in Sharm-el-Sheikh on Sunday the 20th of October, 2 nights in Dahab on the 21st & 22nd, and 2 nights in Saint Catherine Monastery, the nights of the 23rd & 24th of October. The workshop itself officially ends on Friday the 25th. If you wish to book extra nights, this might be arranged onsite based on availability. Payments for extra nights onsite are in cash ($/€/EGP) only, thank you for your understanding.

Taxi's from Sharm-el-Sheikh airport on the 20th will be arranged for you to make your arrival as fast, safe & comfortable as possible. Ofcourse, if you are an Egyptian resident & Arab speaker, you might have your own transportation, so please go ahead and let us know. For non Egyptian residents, we will be happy to assure your safety with specific cab drivers we know.


If you have an early or late night flight arrival (or departure) in/from Egypt, no worries, just give us your flight details and you'll be transported to and from the airport any time.

On the way back, we will be transported from Saint Catherine through Dahab to Sharm-el-Sheikh airport all together, where depending on your choice you'll be transported to the airport, or otherwise on another destination, under the condition that it's on our way to the airport.

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Saint Catherine

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Mount Sinai

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Mount Sinai

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Sinai

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Sinai

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Sinai

Hira Hosen - Egypt - Sinai

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

Hira Hosen - Egypt

Hira Hosen - Egypt

Sacred Sites Tours & workshops

The total cost of the workshop fee + all transport (plus 2 ways taxi from and to the airport, no flights included) + accommodation (5 nights) + 3 meals a day + Mount Sinai & Catherine Monastery tour, are in total per person: $1.333 (€1199,-) for a private room, $1.111 (€999,-) for a double room. Egyptian residents pay 15.000 EGP for a private room, 12.500 EGP for a double room all included. If you're joining as a group, a family and/or as a couple, please contact us for inquiry & discounts. 


About the rooms, if you're joining as a couple you'll be given a double room. If you're a single person and choosing to share a room, please let us know if you have any preferences or restrictions with the person you're sharing the room with.

To reserve your seat you can choose to pay a deposit of 50%, or pay your total balance via credit card, PayPal or by bank-transfer. You can also choose to pay in 3 instalments, as you wish. All instalments have to be paid before the actual start of the workshop. If you prefer other means of payment, feel free to contact us for inquiry.

You can instantly & securely pay your deposit and total balance via all credit cards and/or paypal here (click/touch here). You will receive an automatic confirmation email from All Events.in directly after your payment. If the above link doesn't work, feel free to try this direct Paypal link or contact us directly.

For Egyptian residents you can pay your deposit through bank, PayPal or cash, just contact us via email at: hirainegypt@gmail.com


The workshop can be cancelled under the following conditions: (1) Full refund will be given for cancellations made prior to June 1st 2019, minus a €50,- processing fee, (2) Cancellations made between June 1st – August 1st 2019, will receive a 60% refund, (3) No refunds will be issued for cancelations made on or after August 1st, 2019. However, you can give your place to a person of your choosing, or apply your workshop fee to another class or offering by Hira Hosèn (not sponsored by an outside company) for up to 6 months. Any unused portion will be forfeited.


Based on our financial commitments, we will not be able to accept exceptions on these conditions. Thank you very much for your understanding.



The work will be highly experiential, meaning: less talking, and more focus on experiencing and sharing. Ofcourse there will always be time & space made available for questions. There will be awakening Heart meditations, Source channeling, toning, healing, initiations, Sacred Site visiting & different Light exercises 💠


The different exercises will be channeled through Hira 'on the go’. From Hira's depth of experiences of the last 2 decades of following many highly respected teachers and teaching herself, Hira has gathered & practised countless methods & techniques of awakening & ascension. Rather than setting up a plan or an outline, Hira prefers to guide her groups in the truth & liberation of the moment ✨ In such a way the new earth timelines will organically grow from within all those who are present, as each of us has a unique gift and perception of the New Earth.


Be prepared to be moved deeply within. Being guided by Source in the moment brings forth a playing field of working and being together which gives tailor-made meditations & exercises, responding to the specific needs of the group, the individuals present, the area and the Human collective, all in harmony with the highest good of all worlds.



We will mostly work through direct Source guidance. Depending on the moment, we will also work with the guidance of Gaia, the Mother Crystals (earth keepers), the 5 elements (space, water, fire, air & earth) and the human collective 💠


We will also work with several powerful spiritual guides, like for example the order of Melchizedek, Isis, the Magdalene lineage, the Mahatma (avatar of synthesis) and the 6th dimensional group consciousness of the Hathors & Arcturians. 




Part of our work is to unlock the activation keys of dormant light codes in the ancient power-places, new Earth grids and in our DNA via ways of guided meditations. By visiting the Sacred Sites and walking the leylines (energy-lines or kundalini) of the Earth, we will be anchoring the different crystalline grids existing in and around the Earth.  We will also be working with the high frequencies of the diamond light codes.


If you don’t know what light codes and/or earth grids are, no worries, just follow your intuition and resonance, explanations & mostly your own experiences will follow during the workshops ✨

« DNA is a multi-dimensional structure which has its roots in the Twelfth Dimension and passes through all of the Dimensions into the Third, and the structures of life are then built upon it. Therefore truly each cell of your body is a gateway to the higher Dimensions. » 


We highly recommend for you to take at least a day free after the workshop to integrate all the energies that have activated, moved & shifted. Traveling the day after is also a beautiful way of integration, or for example, visiting the Sinai desert, resting in the laid back town of Dahab, or in one of the beautiful resorts in Sharm-El-Sheikh?


We highly recommend to mainly read 'Anna, grandmother of Jesus', by Claire Heartsong. If you're eager for more, Hira also recommends 'Anna, voice of the Magdalenes' by Claire Heartsong, 'The Magdalen Manuscript' by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion, and the three books written by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis.

Hira Hosen Egypt Sacred Site Tours & Workshops Sinai

"So wonderful to experience the nectar of your heart expressing forth for all as One. In the timeless space where we met i experienced the pure pulse point of creation coming into unified form through our bodies, hearts and souls. A serene stillness that was filled with cosmic potential in every breath, in every moment as One.** Goddess of the heart, pillar of crystalline light, I Am eternally grateful for your steps of love remembrance that you bestow upon Gaia, Humanity and All. I love you forever, to the stars and into all that is *whole, perfect and pure*"

Chloe Mercer, ATIH workshop, Glastonbury, UK, 2014

HiRa Hosèn - Egypt

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