• Hira Hosèn

Your eyes turned completely blue!

Updated: Jan 17

That’s what one of the beautiful Priestesses said to me during our pilgrimage last month in the UK, when we walked up the Tor, right before I opened up a portal for our intimate group of Priestesses to journey into Gaia’s magical realms ✨

These inter~dimensional portals have their point of entry in many different places on Earth. In Avalon, I find the most easily accessible portal for a collective consciousness to travel together, is the one beneath the Tor~tower ✨ As shown on the images, not only red & white source waters spiral underground beneath the Tor, there’s also the St. Mary and St. Michael ley~lines crossing there. When underground electric (Michael) and magnetic (Mary) ley~lines cross each other, there’s a surge of energy streaming from it, which in ancient times we call « Dragon Points » ✨ Some of the work we do in my Sacred Journeys is to harness these combined lunar, solar and stellar energies for specific purposes. It’s about re~aligning these ley~lines beneath the earth with the geomagnetic fields around the planet, and with the crystalline energy grids, high up in the sky ✨ Bringing star~light down via star~gates. To reconnect these Earth and Sky energy structures & channels with our Human Hearts. To strengthen our collective Presence ✨ So, right before I started channeling Light Language to open the portal on the Tor, my eyes changed colour. Since I’m a child, when I move into alternated states of consciousness, my body becomes lighter and very spacious ✨ Usually my eyes temporarily turn cyan (turquoise~type) during healings, depending on what energy my body is holding at that moment. When I swim, when I surrender into the remembrance of my soul having taken the form of a dolphin, they turn grey. During my « Ride your Lotus » classes, sometimes they turn deep blue & blue~green ✨ You can ask my husband what colour my eyes are when I get angry 😅 About my dolphin incarnation before taking human form. Dolphins & whales carry the highest level of consciousness on our planet. They have both hemispheres of the brain activated. For them, when they sound~scan humans, we are vast asleep 😉 Constantly 😂🤣

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