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What is pain?

When there is pain and suffering, when there’s tension, a conflict, a withholding of love from ourselves, or from and to the others, this feeling of being separate from love, it’s all an innocent misunderstanding ✨

Ultimately, it’s us being in conflict with ourselves ✨

Many are chasing recognition, knowledge, money, fame and/or deeper relationships. Looking for something we can hold onto. Some sort of identity. Any identity. Any form of “this is me” ✨

Like « I thought I found myself in this job », « in this relationship », « in this teaching », « in this country », « in this comforting thought », « in this emotion », « in this action », « in this group », or « in my family » ✨

It’s often scary to be immersed in the stillness of the unknown, so instead, we choose to find ourselves in what we think we know. This personality of “someone that I’m thought to be” ✨

But ultimately we just wish to be Present. To be Love ✨

And so, in this perspective, pain is a natural invitation to be still. To come home to Love. To just Be space 💫

As human beings we reject pain, thinking pain is not part of our human experience, not part of the divine. But pain is as much part of our human experience as is pleasure ✨

Pain is an invitation to go deeper into the self, deeper into our Source within. It’s a message to let go. It’s a message that Love is about to expand ✨


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