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The Terror of Life’s Impermanence

Burning my dreams of unborn Innocence, I’m releasing repressed volcanic energies of self~denial, wanting to be a good & normal person, refusing to integrate my jealous confusion. Tearing myself apart by trying to hold myself together, dignity is in surrender⚡️🌋

Suffering is not ours to keep, not a punishment or mistake, it’s a natural part of being human. In the midst of the unwanted, we can choose to slow down and breath, release all stories and see healing, allowing life to break us open to the truth⚡️🌋

When I think I understand life’s divine play, glory passes quickly like a thunderbolt. So much soul energy draining effort, I’m trying to avoid the terror of life’s impermanence bursting through my defences⚡️🌋

I cannot hide any longer from myself. Deep within my secrecy, I know exactly where I’m hiding. Knowing the ‘spiritual’ or 'enlightened me’ is the greatest lie of all. Where would the ‘unenlightened me’ hide?⚡️🌋

Unable to grasp the forever truth, I can only fully live by offering myself as it’s eternal channel. Trying so hard to be happy, I discover the root of all attachments and addictions as the not~knowing I’m the source of all happiness⚡️🌋

Why can’t I simply emanate happiness into all worlds? Forgotten what it feels like to be myself, breathing happiness as my core essence, I stop searching. Stop my addictive enslavements in temporary states of well~being and superficial co~dependency⚡️🌋

Without future, neither past, I only have right here, right now. To my inner identities that’s deeply liberating yet disappointing, but only through this precious moment’s true texture, I’m liberated from my constant need to possess and control. In spacious timelessness, life becomes the open playfield it’s always been where true being finally becomes possible in true relationships, where no~one gives happiness and nothing can take it away, not even ourselves⚡️🌋

Maybe now I can safely start to trust myself and meet the other without holding back my sorrows, longings, fears and paradoxes, free to question everything? Knowing that our sacred heart will keep what’s worth protecting and with a gentle breath of kindness, will blow away the rest⚡️🌋

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