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The past is done and over

I believe we choose our parents, our color, sex and country, before we take human form, and in every lifetime. We choose a set of parents carrying specific belief patterns that will mirror particular lessons we need to learn, to advance most on our spiritual, evolutionary pathway. When we grow up, we often blame our parents and accuse them of everything they’ve done to us, but really, we chose them because they were perfect for what we wanted to work on overcoming ✨

We move through life creating experiences that perfectly match our belief patterns, going through the same experiences over and over again until we see ourselves clearly mirrored in our own belief patterns. No matter how big or small our problems are, no matter how long we’ve had them or how recent, it’s all created because we believe something about ourselves to be true. No matter what the problem is, our experiences are simply the outer effects of our inner thoughts, mirroring the exact self~beliefs we hold ✨ But that’s the past! It’s done. Over. Our point of power is in the present moment. What’s important in this moment is what we’re choosing to think, believe and say right now. The original choice is a thought. Then we keep repeating that same thought, producing a feeling. And we all know that thoughts and feelings in this moment are creating our future, not only our individual future but also the future of our human collective ✨ The challenge with our beliefs, these patterns of specific thoughts repeated over & over again, is that we learn them when we are very little children. Or even before we’re born and bring them with us. So it’s like all these ‘grown up’ people in the world are having these 3 year old children living within us, or even younger, and we’re often spending most of our time yelling at these frozen little children inside about what it should or should not do. Asking ~what is wrong with you?~ And then we wonder why our lives don’t work? May we Be for ourselves as sweet and compassionate as we are to a new born baby. May we stop criticizing ourselves for not being good enough. May we all guide ourselves gently home again ✨


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