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TARA 13: She Who Is Victorious Over War

Call to Action ❤️

I’m offering this Sunday’s RIDE YOUR LOTUS gathering for free with a guided meditation and tantric practice, where we’ll be tuning into the 13th Tara to help bring back Peace and Joy to our world ☀️ The Mother Goddess TARA has 21 emanations (appearances) and the 13th Tara is called “She Who Is Victorious Over War”, Drölma Yülle Gyaljema in Tibetan, Tārā Ripu Cakra Vināśinī in Sanskrit ☀️

I’m not a certified tantric practitioner in the Tara tradition or in other lineages. I’m just a beginner, called to share this meditation for those who resonate with it. I’ll be following Source guidance within, so there’s chances the original Tara practice will be changed to fit the needs of those engaged. Also, it’s very important to understand that we cannot take enlightened action for our human collective if and when we’re feeling hurt ☀️

❤️ The guided meditation starts at 26min 36, and before we begin the practice, we’ll take time to heal our wounds as much as possible at this time, by processing our fears, judgements, anger, grief and/or righteousness about the war, our world and ourselves. Then, we will proceed into the tantric Tara practice ☀️ You can find the meditation here on my Youtube channel

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For more info about the 13th Tara and my vision on the war:

13th Tara MANTRA: Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Vajra Jvala Phaṭ Phaṭ Rakṣa Rakṣa Svāhā


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