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Spiritual Sexuality: ritual of the 7 veils

Many spiritual traditions like the Tao speak about human beings having 7 energetic bodies around our physical body. In our sexual practice or experience, when we respect these 7 veils, we can discover different forms of physical, mental & emotional arousal ✨

From eye contact, to sensual touch, to many of the deepest forms of sexual intimacy, in nowadays society we forget to enjoy the full spectrum of pleasures by going too fast or wanting it all right away ✨

When the 7 veils are respected, very carefully, both partners enter into them 1 by 1, like a dance. Only when a certain level of intimacy is fully experienced, the next level is unveiled. In ancient times every veil would take from full moon to full moon, but you can go as slow or fast as both partners wish to go ✨

There is no impatience neither willpower in this way of making love, no rush, no obligation. Just the rustling sounds of the 7 veils, translating themselves into subtle or strong feelings of desire, tenderness and pleasure, or a feeling of distance and coolness. All is allowed, all is held in Space ✨

There is no guarantee that 1 phase leads to the next, the 7 veils guarantee that you can always change your mind/heart when you wish to stop your explorations. The 7 veils give both partners the opportunity to a gradual development in being fully present and feeling subtler experiences ✨

We can initiate this ritual with a new partner, or we can raise the vibration of our existing relationship and heal old wounds and patterns. The veils remember everything ever happened to them, so working with the 7 veils gives liberating insights and deep healing opportunities. Standing still and slowing down until we can completely be present and enjoy every phase of the ritual, the veil will be given back it’s rightful presence and power in the energetic reality ✨


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