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Sinai Retreat ~ Moses Mountain

Spirits reside in mountains, rivers, caves and in our sky. All forces of nature are alive and sacred. The sun, moon and all planets are embodied beings, just like Gaia is the living spirit of our Earth 💎

Sleeping in the Moses cave 20 years ago, receiving many prophetic dreams, this mountain was much more respected than it is today. It breaks my heart to see all the waste tourists leave behind: broken glass, soda cans, cigarets and now: face~masks (If you do choose to wear a mask, wear a reusable one?!) 💎

After energetically clearing tons of human disrespect and offering Dead~Sea salt and pure gold for all the entities present there; summoning their permission, goodwill and protection to do my work; I found back the spirit of the mountain hidden deep inside of its core 💎

Sleeping alone on top in the open air, the mountain spirit woke me up at 3am, surprisingly warming my cold face with gentle appreciation 💎

The sky offered a display of shooting stars, inviting me to connect the energy vortexes and star~gates of this powerful sacred site, to charge the ancient light structures, co~create new gateways and connect it all to the new ultra~light blasting our planet. Then, to infuse the total with the Diamond Light Matrix I carry within my soul 💎

These ancient energy fields hold the New Earth templates strongly since long before the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. The Ancient Ones have chosen this area to hold parts of the original blue~print of our reality and it’s parallel time~lines 💎

To complete some of the high initiations and alchemy work many guardians like the Magdalene and Melchizedek consciousness started here millennia ago, fills my heart with deep gratitude and universal devotion 💎

With playful Joy, we called in the New Earth timelines for our planet and humanity, activating many Source light~codes like the Holy Grail, Golden Sun and Freedom codes. Our main focus: to anchor global Diamond Light at the sun~rise portal, in all of its multi~dimensional facets and rainbow~spectrum 💎

May we all continue to enjoy the Space and Light show our Sun, Sky and Earth bless us with so generously every day! 💎


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