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Real awakenings

Real awakenings are never elegant but messy, hardcore and raw 😅 It feels like our heart breaks apart while it’s melting back together in Oneness ✨

We wonder if we’re completely alone in feeling this way, and there can be loads of doubts, crying, confusions, questions, shock, shattering beliefs, terrifying changes, restlessness, difficulty, sleep disorders, etc.

Our pain-body can feel it’s hit by a huge truck when our tensions finally fall away. Our pain-speech can feel it’s hit by silence so hard, it deafens the ears and blinds the eyes. Our pain-mind can feel it’s hit with such intense shock, it freezes our breath & brain ✨

Then all of a sudden, there’s a wild flash of fresh perspective. A moment of blissful understanding. A ‘take my breath away’ type of surrender. Something has softened within us, and we can feel the lightness of a feather in our heart again ✨

Thunder & lightning passed through this beautiful lake in Poland last night, imagine, after a month of desert heat in Egypt constantly blasting my body, day & night. Experiencing from the depths of my being, the rain started melting down the fears & hidden stories within my body ✨

The storms flowing to me like a pure gift from Heaven, I cannot express the thrill I felt during the silent night, waking up by the strikes of lightning flashing through the darkness. The rumbling sounds of thunder deeply dancing the Sky awake within my body & soul. The entire universe was entering my being through the unification of water & fire within the outer and inner sky, filled with electricity and magnetism, the ultimate mix of alchemy ✨

Sleeping on the top floor with the doors & windows wide open, I welcomed the wet wind strongly brushing through the room touching my tingling skin. Smelling the fresh prana. Buzzing with pure life force energy. Bubbling with ecstasy ✨

Looking from my window on the lake, 3 white swans came swimming towards me with the rising sun, gifting me with the elegance of awakening pure beauty within. Yes, most of our awakenings are not elegant, they’re often messy and hardcore. Awakenings tear us open raw. But we’ll be infinitely blessed with endless inner wisdom ✨


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