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Ready to Break the Matrix~Code?

Join us for an online Heart Awakening (ATIH) workshop, where we’ll be gathering together with an intimate, worldwide group of souls whom I’m happy to guide from Egypt during two upcoming weekends in April, the weekend of the 23rd and the weekend of the 30th of April, first of May’22 ❤️

When we move our centre of awareness into our physical heart, we discover the subtle worlds of the two Sacred Spaces of the Heart. The Upanishads called these spaces: the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart. The Tiny Space of the Heart is the Source where all life comes from ❤️

During these workshops we practice an ancient technique called ‘the Tantra of the Heart’, which is performed without partner. It's a method of connecting the Heart to the brain, which generates bliss in the form of alpha waves. Through connecting the pineal and pituitary chakra and activating the Beams of Light (see image) we will be opening our third Eye, and opening into the possibility to activate our living Light-body, the Merkaba ❤️

For all info, inscriptions, other possible dates and offerings: ❤️

About the online workshop this month, we keep connecting as a group in the week between the weekends, which gives us a lot of space, insights and clarity to deepen the healing and to continue the Heart work together. Through the intense time window of 9 days of connecting as a dynamic group together, we’re given the opportunity to permanently change our perception by bringing these gifts into our daily lives and practices ❤️

EveryOne is welcome, last minute sign~ups possible, no previous experiences necessary, max. 20 participants 😍


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