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Purifying Rituals at Siwa, Egypt

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Enjoying magnificent purifying rituals in the turquoise salt lake waters of Siwa Oasis, revealing the secrets of the soul by freeing the fascias of the body, revealing the secrets of being, acknowledging the ancient, freeing up Space for the new with Yulia Baturina ❤️

It’s very clear ~ the health and beauty of our physical body is the base of any development. By aligning the meridians and channels (nadis), adjusting the joints positions, decompressing the spine, returning the natural alignment symmetrically of the body, by tuning and structuring the water with vibrations of Tibetan bowls and prayers, by giving the body full relaxation in floating flowing state ~ we’re activating all vital life force energies in the element of water ~ "Remembering Everything" ☀️

When the uniqueness of each person is manifested, it becomes possible to realize more clearly one's talents and, as a result, the destiny of a person. Thus, in the rituals of washing and by the means of myofascial release, we undergo almost a complete preparation of the physical body for the acceptance of new energy, and therefore opportunities in the New Age of Aquarius. When the old patterns are released in the salt lakes and hot springs of Siwa Oasis soaking in all the toxins, we’re opening up the inner and outer gates to a new earth and paradigm ❤️

Feel free to explore all this further by booking an online, private session, or join us in my online and in person RIDE YOUR LOTUS© gatherings, Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses©, Awakening the Illuminated Heart© workshops and BLACK DIAMOND TANTRA© workshops at


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